About Me


In my 24 years, I have witnessed people go through their individual journeys with mental illness or an emotional suffering of some kind. I've seen them struggle under its weight on some days, and rise above it victoriously on some others. On most days, as I bore witness to their journeys, I noticed a consistent thought making its way into my mind - a belief about how each of these individuals could craft a life and create a consciousness for themselves where their suffering does not define them. In order to do so, all they needed was the right kind of help.

I am Shweta Srinivasan, a consultant psychologist and counsellor from Mumbai, and I intend to provide that help to individuals undergoing emotional distress. My objective is to not only focus on symptom relief, but also the enhancement of one’s emotional well-being. As a student in perpetuity, I am keen to learn and feed my ever-growing curiosity about the field of psychology. As a mental health practitioner, I am a woman of service, eager to apply these learnings in my counselling practice while intending to build genuine human connections with those who seek help.

What I do


Through my work, I want to collaboratively engage in a helpful dialogue with my clients that allows for an awareness, acknowledgement and acceptance of their problem, and a recognition of it as an entity outside of their person. I believe that each individual has personal coping resources and strengths to manage their lives healthily. But, in the face of feeling entangled in one’s suffering, the ability to tap those resources begins to seem distant and unattainable. My job is to simply lift the fog, untangle the entangled, and help clients (re)discover their own strengths to deal with their distress effectively and realize their full potential.

This is a journey of healing and growth that I aim for my clients to take and I view my role in that journey to be one of patience, compassion, acceptance, and guidance.

Education And Experience



Mental Health Training Program
2018 Ummeed Child Development Center
Life Skills Facilitator
2017 'Jeevan' Training Programme by Prafulta Psychological Services
Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology
2017 Prafulta Psychological Services, Mumbai
M.A (Clinical Psychology)
2016 University of Mumbai
B.A (Psychology)
2014 Mithibai College of Arts, Mumbai


March, 2018 – Present Co-Founder
SistersLivingWorks Suicide Prevention
October, 2017 – February 2019 Project Coordinator
Ambrosian Well-Being & Engagement Resources Pvt. Ltd.
August, 2017 – Present Consultant Counsellor
Sharnam Therapy and Healing, Juhu
July, 2016 – Present Consultant Psychologist
The Akanksha Foundation
February, 2017 – April, 2017 Volunteer Counsellor
Don Bosco High School, Borivali West
February, 2017 – April, 2017 Volunteer Counsellor



Let's Talk




To place a request for an appointment, enquire about the rates, center address or anything at all, feel free to get in touch by sending me a mail to connect@shwetasrinivasan.in

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